Welcome to DC Circuitry, a blog on practice in the Nation’s second-most powerful court.

Note that we stress practice

Our goal is not to provide wall-to-wall news coverage of the D.C. Circuit (as, say, Scotusblog does for the U.S. Supreme Court). Nor do we aim primarily to analyze the Court’s changing doctrine, though we’ll undoubtedly discuss our share of administrative-law cases.  

Rather, our purpose is to provide counsel in the D.C. Circuit with timely insights into how the Court works, how its judges think and what they prefer, and best practices for success.  We do this by following the Court—not only by practicing in the Court ourselves, but by reading decisions and orders, listening to arguments, analyzing briefs, tracking news coverage, and digesting the judges’ extrajudicial writings and speeches.  When an insight or important news emerges, we’ll post something.  And from time to time we’ll welcome guest bloggers who can round out our perspective. Of course, if you see something that you think merits coverage, feel free to let us know.

Enjoy the blog.